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Welcome Aboard
Art in the Frame Foundation,. Jersey charity no 21 and managing charity of The Harbour Gallery Jersey  was delighted to receive a Connect Me grant to start up Menships in time for Men’s Mental Health month November 2023. 
Following on the success of the ‘You Are Never Too Old’ group which has mainly been attended by women, with just a few men having come along,  it was felt that perhaps  it would be an idea to set up something for the men, from this idea Menships was born. Autumn 2023. 
All areas and ages of the community were effected  by Covid and Lockdown, with many people feeling disconnected  from friends, family and workmates. Menships, in a very relaxed way, is helping men to re connect to the community and  build up new interests and friendships. 
During Men’s Mental  Month a different activity took place each week. The first week  was a quiz, getting to know you with lots of chattering  and  we were entertained by Colin Lever on guitar.  During the next three weeks we had Paul Sharkey from Island Music, Barney de la Cloche gave us a photography class and a week later  we had giant chess with members of the island chess club.
Seeing that the group was  gradually growing we decided to continue into 2024.  Activities have included  some very amusing cartooning with Thinus Slabber, Vinyl appreciation with Darren Vibert from Seedee John, not just the music but the art work on the covers. quite ‘out of this world’. One Pot cooking followed with Paul Perchard, who even brought his Kayak up into the courtyard  and showed what could be stowed into it to cook up a meal on the Ecrehous, very delicious food  for everyone. Vincent Tacone then ran a Graffiti workshop with the men, we now have a large and very attractive sea based Graffiti panel in our covered courtyard. Menships flew high last week, a fantastic evening at West Park,  drone flying with the amazing Paul Lakeman.
Coming up with Menships from June until Christmas you can look forward to sketching out of doors, golf, fishing, foraging with Kaz Padidar. As the evenings draw in we will be back to the gallery for Games Evenings and other activities, just being finalised.   
All ages join in with Menships you can find out more about the group on the Menships FB or  by emailing; partintheframe@yahoo.co.uk  
Gary Power or Pat Robson, the organisers, can be contacted and will get back to you within 24hours.
It is free but an optional donation of £5 cash can be made on the night.
Menships looks forwards to meeting you.


‘I would like to speak on how The Harbour Gallery Jersey ‘ You Are Never Too Old ‘ art classes have been to me personally. 

I have been on Long Term sick for over 2 years due to my mobility problems in my knees, from 40 years of cleaning. This has left me in a depressed state of mind and a feeling of no self-worth. 

These art classes at the gallery have made me socialise and interact with people and have been an absolute lifeline as I live on my own and have no family in Jersey.  

The classes have introduced me to how to begin a painting through the advice of the tutor and Arts Educator Dawn Burrows and resident artist Maureen Osborne, who are both very encouraging and supportive of individual art styles and methods. Nothing is too much trouble from helping with colour mixing to the simplest of ‘ It is not wrong, it is your way!’ 

I have never painted a landscape and Maureen has helped me all the way to the point of, ‘ It is OK you can paint over it if it does not look right’. 

My close friends and my doctor have noticed a difference in my demeanour and confidence since starting these classes and also the change in my conservation from daily aches to different art techniques and ideas for the next painting. 

I hope that The Harbour Gallery Jersey continues with these classes to help others like me or retired, widowed or just generally living on their own to help them with their health and well being. 

On a lighter note Harbour Gallery Jersey is a lovely social place where artists, volunteers and other attendees are friendly  and welcoming and mix together,.’ 

Mrs Jill Orvis

Some of our Year 11 GCSE Textiles students took part in Jessica Grady’s contemporary embroidery workshop this weekend at The Harbour Gallery. (Thank you for the opportunity Pat Robson).
They learnt many new skills in the world of ‘stitch’, exploring a range of yarn and components, with thread to create eye-catching embellishments. The students’ work was beautiful.
Thank you Jessica for passing on your great skill sets. It was wonderful!
Mrs L Holliday
Head of Textiles
Beaulieu Convent School
Beaulieu students were invited to an engaging workshop at the Harbour Gallery organised by Maxine Griffiths where she demonstrated a Japanese sewing style called Sashiko.

Students benefited immensely by attending the course last week, as it was a technique they had previously been shown at the inspirational Tara Franklin talk in October, which initially inspired Maxine to run this course. To have the experience of practising the technique and handling real Japanese fabrics, exploring the traditional, evenly spaced hand stitches was fascinating. It was so lovely to see the girls showing so much interest and adapting it to their current in school project: Structure.

Thank you again to the Harbour Gallery for putting on such a fun, informative event.

Thank you again to the Harbour Gallery for putting on such a fun, informative event.

Mrs L Holliday
Head of Textiles
Beaulieu Convent School

Fashion Show and Festival of Arts 2019

On Monday 4th November we were delighted to hold our exhibition private view and school fashion show at The Harbour Gallery. Having our events in such a public and prolific gallery gave our students a sense of real pride that the work that they produced in art, photography, sculpture, fashion and jewellery could be displayed alongside professional artists and designers.

Our fashion show, ‘Nature vs Pollution’ showcased the work of Key Stage 3 students who had produced corsets and skirts inspired by natural forms, anti-pollution face masks, hand painted and embellished cloaks and conceptual pieces showing the plastic pollution found on our shores. For the first time we included work from Year 7 transition projects as the wonderful sculptures, textiles and jewellery emphasised the environmental theme of the show.

Our 34 student models walked the catwalk with poise and confidence and showed future models and fashion designers of the future. Year 11 cookery students produced wonderful canapés for the audience and were great ambassadors for the school. The exhibition had many visitors from the public who were amazed at the incredibly high standard of painting and photography from our students and could not believe that it was work at GCSE level hanging in the gallery. Our special thanks go to Pat Robson and the Art in the Frame charitable foundation for sponsoring the show.

Textiles KS4/KS5 attended a workshop at the Harbour Gallery Jersey with Alsyn Midgelow-Marsden in October. Students had the opportunity to meet an international artist, where they took inspiration from the colours, textures and shapes to develop surface patterns for their current projects. The students were able to use the inspiration to create a wirework free standing sculpture, where they learnt and developed how to bend, twist, flatten and thread their sculptures to their desired effect. The workshop gave the students the opportunity to develop their portfolios, whilst being inspired by modern day Artists, to develop their work.

Attending the workshops has multiple benefits, including inspiring new ideas, gaining expert knowledge, student networking and skills development. The chance to do this outside of the school environment helps with student motivation and confidence and therefore, are a fantastic opportunity for teachers and students and the results can be seen in their excellent work.

Our Year 10 and A Level students had a wonderful opportunity to work hands-on with textile artist Julia Triston. The students came away with exciting outcomes and lots of ideas on how to use those techniques in many aspects of their work. Julia was very knowledgeable and engaging and instantly the girls were inspired by her. Thank you so much to Art in the Frame on making these workshops happen, these workshops are such a valuable and important opportunity for the students.

Bianca Padidar
Head of Art Textiles
Jersey College for Girls

Thank you so much for having us today and for working with the students. They all had such a great time and were really pleased with the bags and coat hooks. I have attached some pictures from today for you. Have a lovely weekend!
Michelle Gosling Head of IT | Grainville School

Email from Pat Robson to Grainville School headteacher:
Good evening, I would just like to say how enjoyable it was to have a group of students from Grainville School, on their Activities Week, at The Harbour Gallery Jersey this morning. They worked very hard with enthusiasm, were polite and very quiet. In the allotted time, they got through a lot of work helped by them all listening to instructions. Having been an art teacher for 35 years, it was lovely to talk to some of them about their future artistic aspirations. They were a real credit to the school. Just a few weeks of term left, I hope it goes well. Best Wishes, Pat Robson BEM
And the response from Susan Morris, headteacher
Thank you so much for your email. It’s always good to have positive feedback and I appreciate you taking time to do this. We do have lovely students who are great ambassadors for the school, but it’s always nice to be recognised. Thanks again and have a lovely summer. Susan Morris Headteacher Grainville School

Christine Westwood Davis

We had a fantastic workshop with Julia Triston on 11th March 2019, she was excellent in working with the students and they thoroughly enjoyed the work and all came out with a great piece of work to add to their portfolio of exam work. Two students in fact chose to use Julia’s method as their exam piece, it was great to see how they had taken this on board. It did take a bit of thinking out of the box. It was a very worthwhile day enjoyed by all. It really fitted in well with the exam questions that they had chosen. Thank you for this great opportunity.
Thank you so much for giving our school the opportunity to come and do Jamie’s workshop on Friday, June 8th 2018 with our Year 10 GCSE group. It was absolutely brilliant, Jamie was so generous with her knowledge and all the resources that she supplies. The students learnt so much in a day and they thoroughly enjoyed it at the same time. They have a wealth of ideas to bring back into their Fashion GCSE lessons as well as a huge amount of practical work to add to their coursework sketchbooks. They were very keen to carry on with this work in the classroom, and I bought some of Jamie’s beautiful and very reasonably priced wood blocks for them to use. These will be a very long lasting resource to be used in many lessons in the future. Thank you again for a wonderful day, and please do consider us again when opportunities such as these arise. It is so good for Jersey students to have the chance to work with artists from the UK as this is such an important aspect of the GCSE requirements.
Earlier in the year….. I just wanted to say how much myself and my students enjoyed Jennifer Collier’s workshops at the Harbour Gallery. They were excellent, very informative and creative and very well resourced. Jennifer was very giving of her knowledge and ideas. My Year 11 GCSE students benefited enormously from being able to create a whole days work for their exam sketchbooks. I loved the fact that there were so many ideas that were only using cheap and recycled materials and that no special equipment was needed, making it ideal to take back into school and use in my textile classes. ​Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity. Christine Westwood Davis Haute Vallee School

Frances Harris

The Textile & Paper workshop run by Jennifer Collier which the Hautlieu students attended at the Harbour Gallery gave them a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop new skills and techniques and to explore many possibilities of presenting their ideas as they develop their own sketchbook work to support and potentially use in their final A level work and beyond. The students also learnt new techniques on how to present their work creatively, which is key at their stage of study and as they are now developing their portfolios to show during interviews as they apply to study Art at university.
As a result of this workshop we are setting up a dedicated area with the same resources in our Art department at Hautlieu so students can continue experimenting and merge their ideas with current work.
I will also be giving the Art staff a workshop session to share these techniques so we can share this knowledge with other year groups studying GCSE, A level and IB.
It was a great workshop and the students and I were very engaged from beginning to end!

Frances Harris
Art Teacher, Hautlieu School

Mencap Sewing Group at The Harbour Gallery

Thanks to Art in the Frame foundation a group of adults with learning disabilities have been attending textile workshops at The Harbour Gallery since August 2007. The availability of the sessions paid for by Mencap at a reduced price offer more choice for these clients with special needs to be creative and gain new skills.

The Mencap Sewing Group meet two mornings a week all year round. The clients are helped and encouraged to make textile items for themselves, family, and friends and recently for sale in Gallery 3. The group are very grateful to the Gallery for only taking 10% commission off sold items, the remaining monies are shared equally between the client and the provision of more fabric for further projects.

On workshop mornings the clients have the opportunity to experience all areas of the gallery, make purchases at discounted prices and socialise in the Cafe in a sheltered, supportive atmosphere, which is beneficial to their continued development of their personal independence.

Several members of the group are now sufficiently confident to travel independently to the gallery as it is familiar and safe.

The Harbour Gallery is a very important venue in their weekly routine.

Mencap Sewing Group at The Harbour Gallery


At Hautlieu we offer two full Art GCSE’s Fine art and Applied art ( which was about fulfilling a real brief) two years ago the specifications changed and Applied Art was no longer offered by the exam board. We chose to research and teach Critical and Contextual studies as a second GCSE. The Critical and contextual studies GCSE asks the students to research artist, analyses their work and make their own personal responses.

We have worked with Cas Holmes and the Harbour gallery before and Cas was our first artist of choice we would like the students to work with because her work is inspirational, accessible to the students and her books clear and informative. Cas had been into school before as part of the Harbour Galleries outreach program, she was a natural teacher and the work the students did was excellent.

I contacted Pat to see if we could organize a two day workshop as part of the students 10 hours controlled conditions. She was so supportive, we are not a fee paying school and finances are always difficult Pat organized for Cas to come over without the costs of flights and accommodation being passed onto the school which would have put the experience outside what we could have afforded. THANK YOU

We wanted to make the students think about a sense of place and how the work would be perceived by an audience so we asked the Reverend peter Dyson if we could display the final 4 foot by 3 foot wall hanging in the church.

To have a real project requires a lot more input from Cas than just turning up and delivering workshops. Through Pat at the harbour gallery we were in constant contact with Cas and she helped us design the day’s program and changed her input according to our student’s needs. I want you to know how special this is normally this development of ideas and practice just doesn’t happen when working with an Artist there is suggestions and requests but not the in-depth level of planning that Cas gave us.

During the two day workshop Cas was an outstanding teacher she worked individually with the students and gave group demonstrations. She really pushed the students and inspired them with demonstrations of her own work. She stayed late after the workshop totally unpaid to discuss the day and what we needed to prep for the next. She visited the church shared her sketchbooks and enthralled the students.

WOW what an amazing experience as a department the three of us were working with Cas and it was the best in service training I have ever had I learned so much. This was an aspect of the two days that we hadn’t really considered and if Cas was doing a purely teacher training days the cost I am sure would have been a lot more.

The work the students have done was AMAZING. Photos sent separately. Because of Cas and Pat at the Harbour gallery 38 students have had the opportunity to achieve a second Art GCSE.

So you would think that was the most profound affect Cas’s workshop would have had but the exhibition at the church and a special service held for creativity touched so many people the visitors’ book at the church showed the students work affected them intensely. For me I attended a funeral of an ex student at St Saviour church and we were surrounded by all our students beautiful hangings I know it meant a lot to her grieving parents.

Thank -you Pat and Cas this whole experience has been wonderful on so many levels particularly working with you both who are such an inspirational professional team

Hautlieu School

Alison Hulme Workshop at Jersey College for Girls

“Year 10 Textile students at JCG had a wonderful opportunity of working with renowned textile artist Alison Hulme. Her workshop was hugely beneficial to the girls, they got to develop their skills in print making and further their ideas in their projects.

Alison was very professional and knowledgeable in printmaking, the workshop was really informative. The girls were engaged and focused throughout.

Thank you so much to Pat for putting her in touch with me.”

Bianca Padidar
Art Textiles, Jersey College for Girls

Gary Mills at at Jersey College for Girls

“We were very fortunate to have Gary Mills visiting our college to come and give advice and mock interviews with my current Year 12 textile students.

The girls felt it was really beneficial and helpful towards their future interviews and Gary was very experienced in knowing what the Universities were looking for in their portfolios.

He was very knowledgeable and engaging for the students.

Thank you once again to Harbour Gallery for putting him in touch with us and creating this opportunity for the girls. ”

Bianca Padidar
Art Textiles, Jersey College for Girls

Kim Thittichai

I returned from teaching at The Jersey Textile Showcase early last week, exhausted – and very happy. What an amazing event! To have organised and successfully run 40 odd very varied workshops in 7 days was a remarkable feat.

I first taught at The Showcase 9 years ago when it was held in a rather large barn in the middle of the island – boy has it come a long way. Whilst Pat Robson is a force majeure, even she cannot run such a joyous event on her own. I believe it is down to the continuing support from the States of Jersey and Jersey Tourism that this event can run.

I taught 2 full day workshops and 2 half day workshops during the event and the atmosphere was amazing. I teach at various events all over the world, Australia, New Zealand, Germany . . .and never have I taught in such a glorious atmosphere. Having bright sunshine obviously helped everyone enjoy the local area, but I think even if it had poured with rain everyday, the energy created by the event still would have been fantastic. Whilst all the tutors worked hard – dashing about between venues – I think we can all say we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and meeting and teaching new students.

The students were very lucky indeed to have so many high profile tutors to choose to work with. It was quite a gathering. It was also a great opportunity for the tutors to meet up, catch up with old friends and make new ones. Indeed – since meeting up at the event Val Holmes (France) myself and Anne Kelly (UK) will be working on a new team teaching workshop that will be exclusive to the showcase should we be lucky enough to teach there in 2 years time. The students that return to the event regularly need a little something different to challenge them. So you are also facilitating change in the style of teaching textiles. There are so many virtues to an event like this. I do hope it is quantifiable from information gathered from the local restaurants, pubs and guest houses.

I hope you are very pleased with what you have achieved together, you should be very proud of the event – it really is remarkable. I can still feel the festival like feeling even now. It really was a great event. I do hope you will continue your sponsorship. There really is nothing like this available anywhere else but your very beautiful island. With your help and Pat’s enthusiasm and great knowledge this event can only get better – and if possible, even more exciting.

I know that several of the tutors are writing up their experiences on their blogs and on Facebook, I am halfway through the 4 posts I will be posting about the event. Rest assured we will all do our best to make sure the event gets it’s due exposure.

With kind regards and very many thanks for the opportunity to teach at such a brilliant event, in such stunning surroundings.

Kim, artist and Textile Showcase Tutor


My students both really enjoyed the day and really benefited form it by both producing an excellent body of work for their GCSE portfolios and learning new techniques that they may consider using for their final piece. As you know one of the criteria of the GCSE, working in the style of artists/craftspeople, is worth a quarter of their final marks and this was a perfect occasion to fulfil that. We took lots of photographic evidence for the girls’ portfolios as well.

This was a great experience which I would love the chance to do again with future groups.

Thank you very much.

Christine Westwood Davis, Head of Textiles and Design, Haute Vallee School

The workshops which all the students and ourselves attended were a great success- to work with such famous textile artists creates an understanding which can not be achieved through books. We were also impressed with the results which the students have included in their exam preparation as an extremely valuable experience. We would like to thank the association of Jersey Charities for offering us this experience as not all of these students would have the funds to access this.

With thanks, Yvonne & Debbie

Yvonne Le Signe, Head of Textiles and Design, Beaulieu Convent School

All the students who attended the visiting artist’s workshops really gained much inspiration for their coursework/exam work.

They enjoyed the interaction with other people of different age groups and were taught techniques they would not have accessed during their normal lessons. It has helped them realise that textiles goes way beyond Jersey and the feedback has been excellent. Most students would not have been able to afford the full cost of the workshops. It has also helped boost their confidence when sharing their experiences with the rest of their class groups. In short, a huge thank you to the Association of Jersey Charities for their generous funding, both from myself and particularly from the students who took part.

Rachel Concannon, Head of Art Textile, Jersey College for Girls

The Textile Showcase has enabled our students to work with practicing artists and materials/techniques which we cannot offer in school. The timing of the showcase enables all the work the students produce to become part of their coursework for GCSE, A level and The International Baccalaureate. The quality of their experience was excellent. This year through sponsorship all three of the Hautlieu Art teachers have accessed the work shops for their own professional development. I speak from experience when I say the quality of teaching, materials provided, timing and pace of the sessions was outstanding. My students returned teaming with ideas, inspiration and high quality art work that will support their examinations. Ultimately it was the student’s engagement a sense of shared creativity and the Joy of making which has made this years show case so special. I look forward to the next one.

Jacqueline Rutter, Director of Art and Design Technology, Hautlieu School

It was a great week as always and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the classes, the evening events and the exhibitions etc that I went to, coming home with lots of pieces to finish (!) and plenty of new ideas for projects. Good to see you again and it was lovely to have a chat with Liz Le Gal when she came into the Gallery. Several of the tutors I knew quite well, so that was fun and everyone is always so friendly and one gets talking to so many nice people. Surprisingly, I didn’t see any of the “students” that I have got to know on previous visits. We did miss there not being a Textile week last year.

I have looked through my diaries and that was my 7th Textile week. Thank you so much for the recommendation for the Harbour View Guesthouse. It was perfect.

Also thank you again for organising such a lovely week. I always tell friends it is just right to go to a lovely place for a holiday doing all the things I enjoy doing!! You must have worked so hard getting it all organised and hope the next week or so will be more restful. We popped into the Gallery on our last morning and hoped to see you to say good-bye, but I expect you were doing your “rounds”. All best wishes, and I am sure from Irene as well, Joan.

Joan Landon, visitor to the Textile Showcase

HMP La Moye

5 years ago His Excellency, The Lieutenant Governor and Lady Valerie Ridgway were impressed by the art work they saw when they visited the Learning and Skills Department at the Prison. Mrs Ridgway was interested by the creativity on display and, as Patron of ‘Art in the Frame Foundation’, she offered to support the work by opening an exhibition of prisoner art work at The Harbour Gallery. Subsequently we have been provided with opportunities in March for the last 5 years for the public to view the work at the Gallery for a ten day exhibition. ‘ Inside Out’ is an exhibition of mixed media art work and wood work.

The art teacher, Lucy Blackmore, has been working across the whole Prison offering painting and drawing classes for over five years. The enthusiasm and talent amongst the Prison population is considerable, only held back by the economic and logistical problems of providing sufficient tuition and adequate materials. The chance to showcase prisoner work is a motivating way of engaging prisoners in creative activity. This raises individual self-esteem and opens minds to engage in other educational opportunities and behaviour management programmes: all geared towards helping prisoners to make life improving decisions.

In the vocational training department, we run Life Skill and Accredited Level 1 & 2 courses in carpentry, painting and decorating and brickwork, which link in with the work being done in the carpentry production workshop and work around the prison. We vary the products produced in the workshops to make it more interesting and to offer opportunities to work at different skill levels. The garden trugs are a good starting point for the beginner, using recycled pallet boards to construct something useful; larger items such as benches and coffee tables are made by those with more experience. Our product range now carriers the ‘Genuine Jersey’ brand, some of which are sold by the Co-op. Our principal role is as a training facility and work-related learning takes priority over productivity.

The art work has changed completely since the first exhibition. This is partly due to the nature of the exhibitors being an ever changing population, but also the standard continues to get higher and higher. Students are pushing themselves further and achieving diverse results.

My students here, in common with all art students appreciate time to display their creativity and to demonstrate their new-found skills. For many, this is their first opportunity to show their family, friends and a wider public what they can achieve. It is a really positive and important initiative for them and we are grateful to have the continued support of the Art in the Frame Foundation.

Lucy Blackmore, Teacher

Primary Schools on the Island were given the opportunity to take part in free workshops at The Harbour Gallery in March 2013 organised by Art in the Frame Foundation as part of the event Up Cycle Your Life.

Mont Nicolle School took Years 1-6 to the free art classes, where they took part in 6, 2 hour workshops based on recycling/upcycling run by experienced tutors. All of the children had the opportunity to use their imaginations, learn new technical skills and work in a new and exciting out of school environment.

The teachers that accompanied the classes valued the experience and say that they benefitted from ideas and techniques which they want to implement into their teaching.

Kirsten Miller, Teacher

Beaulieu School prides itself in the significant achievements of its students each year in Art, Photography and Textiles.

The opportunity for these achievements to be exhibited and available for the public in Jersey to witness and enjoy the creative talents of our students is invaluable to the school and to the individual students who work so hard to create such amazing work.

This opportunity would not be possible without the generous and supportive assistance of the Art in the Frame Foundation which each year provides the school and the students with exhibition space at the Harbour Gallery.

We are deeply grateful for this special work by the Foundation.

Mr Chris Beirne, Headmaster

Art in the Frame Foundation and the Harbour Gallery have transformed Textiles in the Island. Pat Robson is always there to listen and the extremely high standard of work being produced in schools across the Island is clearly influenced by the stimulating initiatives from Art in the Frame Foundation at the Gallery.

Without the exhibitions and the workshops available over the last few years our students would never have had such opportunities to see outstanding Textiles work first hand. It is difficult to see cutting edge Textiles in one area, yet Art in the Frame Foundation at The Harbour Gallery has worked tirelessly to bring in local Textile artists as well as those off Island to show their work and share their knowledge with us. Art in the Frame Foundation have also helped students with individual projects and given them opportunities for work placement.

We are so grateful to have had Diane Bates, renowned in her field, on more than one occasion to deliver fashion illustration and stitching workshops to our students; she is such an amazing character and it is incredible that students are able to see and handle her stunning work.

Andrew Taylor, who has had experience of working on over eighty costumed stage productions from musicals such as Barnum, The Producers, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, recently took both Textiles and Drama students for workshops on making Venetian masks. His knowledge and skills were inspirational for the girls involved, so much so that he will be returning to work again with us in September. These are just two of the artists who have been introduced to JCG. Without the Harbour Gallery none of this would have happened.

We are also extremely grateful that each year that Art in the Frame Foundation at The Harbour Gallery provides prizes for A level students for creative work, to be presented at Prize giving. Art in the Frame Foundation also has donated an end of year trophy for the Art department.

In short, without the work of the Art in the Frame foundation, we would not have the opportunity to widen the curriculum for our students nor enhance their experience of being inspired by the many artists and tutors.

Thank you Art in the Frame Foundation.

Rachel Concannon, Head of Textiles
Carl Howarth, Principal

Mencap Harbour Group

Thanks to Art in the Frame foundation, a group of about 28 adults with learning difficulties have been attending workshops at The Harbour Gallery for 44 weeks of the year for the past 6 years. The availability of these sessions using the workspace at a reduced rental, offers more choice to adults with a learning disability, with how to spend their day whilst providing an opportunity to be creative and gain new skills.

The Mencap Harbour Group meets in the workspace two mornings a week where the clients are encouraged and helped to make textile items both for themselves, family and friends. Through these activities they gain a sense of achievement and independence. On these mornings they have the opportunity to experience all areas of the Gallery, make purchases at a discounted price and meet and socialise in the Café, which is very beneficial to their continued development of personal independence in a sheltered, supportive atmosphere.

Several members of the group are now sufficiently confident to travel independently to the Gallery because they are familiar with the whole place and feel comfortable to cope alone. Art in the Frame/The Harbour Gallery is a very important venue in these people’s lives.

Elizabeth Le Gal, Group Leader

Diversity Textile Group

The Diversity Textile Group, who regularly meet up at The Harbour Gallery exhibited there in May 2013 with an exhibition entitled Surfaces. Members of the group are made up of mainly teachers both in secondary and junior schools who inspire the children to look at their local environment as a source of inspiration.

Thanks to Art in The Frame Foundation, quality invitations were designed and printed, invitations sent out, and a buffet with wine provided. The event was a great success and more importantly inspired the young designers of the future. The opening was very well attended and sales were good.

Thank you Art in the Frame Foundation for allowing us to use the teaching space at The Harbour Gallery, free of charge for the last 6 years, to inspire young artists.

Diane Richardson, Leader

Recycle for Jersey, States of Jersey

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the team organising the ‘Upcycle your Life’ programme and giving me the enjoyable task of judging the maritime themed upcycling competition organised by Art in the Frame Foundation.

The programme of events supported our strategy of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ and helped to encourage people to see rubbish as a resource not a waste.

It was wonderful to meet the students that entered the competition and their families at the prize giving and celebratory afternoon tea organised by Art in the frame Foundation at The Harbour Gallery and I think this event along with the exhibition of works made the entrants feel very special along and helped to encourage the community feel of the Gallery.

I would be very happy to be involved in any future activities and would like to thank you again for including Recycle for Jersey as a partner for this programme.

Emma Richardson, Recycling Manager

I’d like to thank The Art in the Frame Foundation at The Harbour Gallery for offering me the gallery work space and working with me to run children’s workshops during school half-terms and holidays.

The workshops are now an established feature of the gallery programme, offering families a quality creative experience at a reasonable price.

I’d also like to thank The Association of Jersey Charities, whose generosity allows us to purchase inspirational materials for the children.

I have been working with Art in the Frame at The Harbour Gallery for nearly ten years, during which time they have encouraged me to use my teaching skills and to exhibit my work, both at The Harbour Gallery and as part of group exhibitions in the UK.

Christine Witham, Textile Artist and tutor

Beaulieu Convent School Textile Department

‘Art in the Frame’ offers us continual support for our students to access valued experiences.

As a school it has been a privilege for our students to showcase their work from our Textile Department by organising a fashion show for the prestigious ‘Textile Showcase’ organised by ‘Art in the Frame’.

A-level students organise the show working as a team to arrange pupils to be models for the work selected from Years 9 – 13. They organise the music, make-up and hair, combining all these factors to create a visual to the highest standard.

This is an exciting experience for them as this event is attended by a wide audience of Designers and Textile enthusiasts from The United Kingdom and Europe. It gives them a valuable insight into the wide experiences a Fashion or Textile career can offer.

The high level of work the students produce is enhanced by the quality of workshops available organised by ‘Art in the Frame’ bringing the skills of exciting designers for them to experience.

Mrs Yvonne Le Signe, Head of Textiles